I’m no storyteller. My way with words are unintelligent. I lose my train of thoughts and suddenly sound like I’m just rambling about mumbo jumbo. With struggles of speech growing up, I still enjoy stories.

Usually I only remember bits and pieces of my dreams. Some tend to fade more and more as the days go on. Last night’s stuck with me throughout the day even if they were in pieces.
I was coughing, hard and rough. The island was under evacuation due to war threats from an unknown subject. We were limited on evacuation transportations and only a selected few had the privilege to board. Mostly were healthy women and children. Because I had connections with the military, I was able to obtain a position… Even though I had a nasty cough that lasted days before. When it was time to board, everyone had to show two forms of identification to prevent fraud. I had everything packed, but nothing seemed organized. Frantically searching for my military ID and birth certificate, sweating in fear… All that ran through my cranium was driving me to the brink of my health. I coughed and gasped for air. People. Trees. Voices. Everything just went fuzzy and I collapsed. Even in my dreams I faint. I woke up and suddenly I was on my way to the escape pod. Somehow I’ve found my identifications for the first search, but they had another check point right before entering and I had nothing in my hands. Everything was gone. I began to panic once more. With my last gasp of air… I woke up.

Recently I’ve been going through extreme pains in my chest and back. Chris believes I have a collapsed lung and I’m so afraid of not being able to breathe… I’m afraid of going through all the pain and stress I’ve gone through senior year… Everything piling on… I just feel like I’m falling apart all over again and I don’t know what more I can do with myself.

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